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DAVID Delight Plus Manual

DAVID Delight Plus Manual

DAVID Delight Plus

DAVID Delight Plus

The Delight Plus is much like the Delight, but with more sessions – 5 in each of the categories. The extra sessions in the Delight Plus are particularly effective for people with more complex issues such as fibromyalgia and sleep disorders.

DAVID Delight Pro

DAVID Delight Pro

The Delight Pro has the same sessions as the Delight Plus, but also offers Cranio-Electro Stimulation (CES). The frequency of the CES sessions are linked to the frequency of the AVE sessions plus 100 Hz. You can use AVE by itself, CES by itself or both together.

DAVID Delight Pro Manual

DAVID Delight Pro Manual

Mind Alive users

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In case you aren’t convinced with the Mind Alive products yet, here are some of many benefits. Today’s topic: How Mind Alive products can help with sports performance

Fast psychological recovery

When it comes to playing sports, so many people like to say "keep your head in the game." This isn't just a saying, it is one of the most important things you can do when playing. Keeping yourself mentally prepared and at 100% will ensure that you do better at all times. No matter what physically happens your body is your best weapon. Learning how to perform fast psychological recovery when you are on the field or court can win you more games and keep you on the tram. Keeping your brain in peak condition will help you push yourself farther and faster each and every time you play. Mental health is truly the secret to peak physical performance.

Sustained focus

It's so easy to get distracted. Top athletic coaches emphasize that sustained focus is just as important as any other skill used in competition. Short duration, high-pressure situations are relatively easy conditions to maintain focus and concentration. It can be much more difficult to maintain focus when the pressure temporarily lifts. “Dumb mistakes” are usually made in periods of lower stress and urgency. The deciding factor is: how long can a performer maintain an efficient, appropriate, responsive style of attention regardless of the situation?

increase energy levels

When it comes to achieving your peak performance in sports, the most important thing to do is increase your overall energy level. From a technical standpoint, this is quite obvious. In order to perform your best, you need to have extremely high energy, focus and willpower in order to win. You can quickly increase your energy through a proper diet that is nutrient rich and has the right number of macro nutrients. Additionally, you will need to do meditation and train almost every day in order to increase your mental energy and willpower. Meditation is an extremely powerful tool which will help you to focus your energy, which will enable you to become successful and win at life as well as your sport.

Increased self esteem

Increased Self-Esteem Is A Critical Component In Driving An Athlete's Peak Performance. There is a direct correlation between increased self-esteem and peak performance in sports. When the mind unfailingly believes that success will be achieved, it will drive the body to perform at its best. On the other hand, when the mind allows itself to be intimidated by opponents, or when it does not let go of past failures, these thoughts will defeat the body and performance will suffer. Therefore, in order for an athlete to perform at his peak, he must cast aside any doubt of his athletic prowess and be 100% confident of his abilities. This focus will direct all of his energy to achieving his goal, wasting nothing on thoughts that will set him back.

Increased motivation

Maintaining motivation can be difficult for anyone. We start out strong, fully convinced that we are on the road to greatness and victory, but when things get hard, the tendency to crack and backpedal becomes a strong adversary. This is because we lose our motivation and begin to let the little things get to us. The key to peak performance is mental, not physical. This is why there is so much interest in how to increase motivation for better performance in all aspects of our lives.

Reduce performance anxiety

We hear stories and examples that tell us that winners are never satisfied until they’ve given 100%. However, stressing over performance sabotages the nervous system, making information that we know temporarily unavailable to us, affecting our motoric abilities, potentially turning what should be a victory into defeat. Learning to mange this behavior reduces performance anxiety, and because it also affects our personal, business, and professional lives, it may be one of the most import things one can do.


These innovative products are used worldwide as a non-pharmaceutical approach to improved mental health, increased relaxation and well-being