Binaural beats: Why are Brainwave Frequencies so important?

Binaural beats: The brain is one of the most studied organs in the body, mainly because it has the distinction as the center of nervous control. Several neuronal pathways characterize the brain, making it an extensive electrical relay system. The neural connections translate to the electric impulses running through the central nervous system.

The electric waves of this essential organ are so widespread that some are detectable through electrodes placed on the scalp. A simple term for the brain’s electrical waves is brainwaves.

The brainwave frequencies vary according to our moods and activities, leading to different types of these waves. They are assigned Greek letters to differentiate them from each other according to their potential. The waves have hertz as their measurement units, which are electric cycles per second.

Different Types Of Brainwaves

  1. Infra-Low Brainwaves

Also known as slow cortical potentials, infra-low brainwaves are the slowest brainwaves, and their detection is very difficult. As such, there are few studies dedicated to them for their proper comprehension. Their values are below 0.5HZ.

  1. Delta Waves

Delta waves are sometimes referred to as sleep waves due to their associated session of prominence. They are slow and loud, with reports comparing their pitch to that of drum sounds. The waves are noticeable during deep meditation and dreamless sleep. They are common in newborns and children and have an association with the deepest levels of relaxation.

The delta waves are noticeable in brain injury, learning problems, and attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). At 0.5 to 4HZ, it signifies the state where rejuvenation and healing take place.

  1. Theta Waves

At 4 to 8HZ, we have Theta waves, which are detectable among deep meditation practitioners and also in daydreaming. They indicate deep relaxation, with their source probably being the frontal parts of the brain. They are also detectable when we are doing duties where our subconscious mind takes the lead such as showering or washing utensils.

These waves have a positive association with memory, boosting creativity, and overall mental well-being as well as getting regular sleep frequencies.

  1. Alpha Waves

Alpha waves are some of the commonly detected brainwave frequencies and were among the first to be discovered, with many studies dedicated to it. They are present when you are in a state of relaxation with your eyes closed. Examples of such situations include psychological flow when tackling artistic tasks such as singing or painting.

They are also common when in yoga sessions, where your body and mind synch in a relaxed state. They have a frequency of 8-13HZ.

  1. Beta Brainwaves

Beta brainwaves are detectable when we are in a normal state of consciousness. They have a frequency between 13-32HZ and are noticeable when active, in thinking, focusing on a task, engaging in a conversation, and other settings.

  1. Gamma Waves

With frequencies between 32-100HZ, Gamma waves are among the fastest noticeable brainwaves. They have been associated with a stimulated or heightened sense of perception, such as deep thought or when solving a problem.

Binaural Beat

Binaural beats are a form of sound therapy that looks to ensuring a steady brainwave frequency. To study binaural beats and understand them correctly as a music brainwave booster, you need to grasp its basics.

It is a sound wave from an audio device, producing sounds of different frequencies to each ear. The brain tries to achieve a sense of balance between the two sound frequencies to accomplish an equilibrium electric impulse threshold.

This situation is the brain wave entrainment, where there is a level of synchronization.

How Binaural Beats Work

Binaural beats are sometimes referred to as e-drugs due to their therapeutic benefits. As earlier hinted, the brain tries to level the two different sound frequencies by settling on the difference, rather than the average tone level.

For example, your left ear perceives 200HZ and the right 182HZ, the brain will level to the difference of the two frequencies, 18HZ. In science, binaural beats are like auditory illusions and need to have frequencies not more than 1000HZ. The difference cannot exceed 30HZ for neural entrainment.

Benefits Of Binaural Beats

All our senses depend on neural pathways, which have an electric potential. The same applies when we listen to binaural sounds, and the auditory perception turns to electrical impulses and transmits them to the brain.

In the brain is where all the awesome action happens, such as achievement of the sound frequency equilibrium. The effect mostly boosts the existing brainwave for an improved threshold of brain activity.

For instance, binaural theta waves are excellent for sleeping, especially if you are an insomniac. These binaural for sleep sounds amplify the activity of theta waves, helping you get into a state of relaxation.

Another benefit of binaural audio sounds is that they help in stress relief. They have a calming effect that enables you to chill and keep anxiety at bay. You can also use them for brain exercising, where you opt for a meditation binaural beat.

How to Get the Best of Binaural Beats

An essential requirement if you want to listen to binaural beats is to have a pair of high-quality headsets. They help in the proper perception of the varying sound frequencies. You then need to get these sound compositions from the right place.

Online sites such as YouTube have a lot of binaural beats for various purposes such as stress relief, meditation, and boost your memory.


The brain is a sophisticated yet vital organ of the body, and it is the hub of the central nervous system. The vast connection of neurons on this organ gives it a high threshold of electrical potential.

There are various brainwaves detectable by placing electrodes on the scalp, and each comes with a specific state of the brain.

Binaural beats are one way to stabilize brainwaves when you want to get a suitable feeling, such as a relaxed state. This article looks deeper at these sounds and how they benefit you in various ways should you decide to listen to them. There are binaural beats for sleeping, meditation, and other purposes that you can find on music streaming sites on the internet.

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