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Welcome to the Spectrum™ eyeset! The only eyeset to feature millions of colors to choose from along with split-field technology.Plug and play! Just plug the Spectrum™ eyeset into a USB port on your work or home computer and use with DAVID Live or DAVID Breathe. These Windows-based apps allow the Spectrum™ eyesets to be manually controlled from any Windows PC

Because of the impressive full control features of the Spectrum™ eyesets, the therapist can create and engage in an optimal experience for the client. The DAVID Live app in combination with the Spectrum™ eyesets is perfect for a clinician practicing neurofeedback, talk therapy, hypnosis, or brain stimulation where the therapist requires control. The clinician has full control over dual-frequencies, intensities, and color. The client also has self-guided light intensity control using two buttons located on the Spectrum™ eyeset screen, which can also be disabled by the therapist.

Because Spectrum™ may be controlled from a multi-port hub, a therapist can set up several Spectrum™ eyesets in a room for group sessions. The therapist will have individual control over each Spectrum™ eyeset when using as a group with a master control. The Spectrum™ eyesets utilize high-contrast field stimulation to optimize the optic chiasm for hemispheric stimulation.

Spectrum™ Eyeset (includes USB cable and eyeset case)

Experience real-time visual entrainment from a PC with the Spectrum™ eyeset!

  • Real-time control and monitoring over USB using DAVID Live
  • Self-guided Heart Rate Variability (HRV) training using DAVID Breathe
  • Uses patented independent left/right-field stimulation.
  • Supports stimulation frequencies from 0 Hz to 50 Hz, plus Ganzfeld.
  • Supports millions of stimulation colors.

The Spectrum™ eyeset is a standalone USB eyeset, and is not compatible with DAVID devices.